Teaching creates all other professions. ~Author Unknown
The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery. ~Mark Van Doren

Inspire. Be inspired.

The Accelerate Online Teacher Certification Program is an innovative approach to preparing secondary teachers to teach in the State of Texas.

Accelerate Online is a fully online certification program, offering participants the convenience of 24/7 access to our teacher preparation training.

Enrollment at Texas A&M University is not required to participate in the Accelerate Online program.

 Our candidates receive the knowledge and support necessary to become teachers who facilitate successful student learning. As they inspire their students, they will be inspired by their students!



Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources 6-12
Dance 8-12
English Language Arts and Reading 7-12
Mathematics 7-12
Chemistry 7-12
Life Science 7-12
Physical Science 6-12
Physics/Mathematics 7-12
Science 7-12 (Composite)
History 7-12
Social Studies 7-12 (Composite)



Accelerate Online is a 12-18 month program that provides an individual with the flexibility of completing teacher certification preparation through

• online instruction with 24/7 access
• 40-hour Field Experience
• possibility of a year-long paid internship in a secondary Texas public, approved charter, or approved private school.

Candidates who opt to pursue a paid internship with probationary certification will apply for teaching positions, interview, and, if offered a position, be hired as a teacher of record with the same pay, benefits, duties, and responsibilities as any beginning teacher.


Accelerate Online Teacher Certification Program is divided into two parts:

  • Pre-Internship: preparing for teaching through a 40-hour field experience and on-line coursework highlighting educational pedagogy, ethics, classroom management, and content-area teaching. The Pre-Internship is completed prior to a candidate accepting a teaching position.
  • Internship: becoming a teacher of record during the regular school year and having the support of an Intern Support Team (Campus Mentor Teacher, Principal, and University Supervisor).


Training Acknowledgement Form

Teaching, Learning & Culture - Accelerate Online

Training Acknowledgement Form

Intern Self-Rating Form

Please help us continue to improve the Accelerate Online program by completing the items below.  Rate your preparation and performance in the following areas.

Pedagogical Knowledge/Skill

University Supervisor Assessment by Intern

Think of the interactions you had with your University Field Supervisor when answering the following questions:

  • Almost always  (AA)– All or almost all of the time the action was performed by the field supervisor
  • Frequently  (F)– most of the time the action was performed by the field supervisor
  • Occasionally (O)– some of the time the action was performed by the field supervisor
  • Rarely (R) – infrequently or never the action was performed by the field supervisor
To what extent did the University Field Supervisor …
Please select YES or NO in answering the following questions about the quality of university field supervision received by the beginning teacher.

Interest Form

Inspire. Be inspired.

Accelerate Online

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Select the teaching certifiation you are interested in obtaining. Please review the course requirements at accelerate.education.tamu.edu/course-requirements before making your selection.