How It Works

Changing the world is awesome... and we prefer to do it as future-teacher friendly as possible!

 Here’s how the Accelerate Online Program works:

1) Decision

You know you want to teach, so now it's up to you to decide which certification to pursue. 

Check out the middle/high school classes you can teach for each certification.

2) Admission

  1. Submit an Accelerate Online Interest Form.
  2. Provide official transcript/s (or UIN if a current or former TAMU student). Secure transcripts can be mailed or emailed to Accelerate Online.
  3. Register for a Pre-Admission Content Test and submit a passing Score Report.
  4. Apply, interview (by phone or in-person) and upon acceptance, attend a mandatory Progam Orientation (offered monthly through April 2018).

Whoop! You are officially on your way to a classroom and certification!

3) Preparation

We know that you already have the smarts in your chosen content; the Accelerate Online program is designed to prepare you for the classroom.

  • 40-hours of field-based experiences (in a district of your choice)
  • On-line courses/assignments highlighting instructional strategies and classroom management
  • Suggestions, tips, resources and information on how to interview and land that first job

All preparation assignments must be completed prior to a candidate accepting a teaching position or beginning a clinical teaching assignment.

4) Action

This is where the rubber meets the road and you meet the students.


You can opt to pursue a paid internship by applying for teaching positions, interviewing, and, if offered a position, being hired as a teacher at any secondary Texas public, approved charter, or approved private school for one school year (same pay, benefits, duties, and responsibilities as any beginning teacher). You will be supported throughout the school year by an Intern Support Team, made up of a Campus Mentor Teacher, Administrator, and a University Supervisor assigned by Accelerate Online.

Clinical Teaching (formerly known as student teaching)

In lieu of an internship, you can opt for an unpaid clinical teaching assignment (formerly known as student teaching). The 14-week clinical teaching assignment will be coordinated through TAMU’s TLAC Clinical Teaching Office and will take place during the spring semester. 

5) Certification

Whether you choose an internship or clinical teaching, you will be eligible for standard certification upon successful completion of the program.