Overview of Formal Observations


  • Minimum of four (4) formal observations during the year; two (2) per semester.
  • Scheduled and conducted by the University Supervisor.
  • Each observation will last a minimum of 45 minutes.
  • Observations are intended to provide feedback and not to serve as evaluations. 



  • The University Supervisor will schedule with the Intern the date of the observation.
  • The University Supervisor will conduct a pre-conference with the Intern via email, Face Time, phone call, or in-person conference at least 3 days prior to the observation. 
  • A copy of the lesson plan for the observation lesson should be provided by the Intern.
  • Pre-conference email [EXAMPLE]
  • Additional pre-conference questions



  • The University Supervisor will conduct an interactive post-conference (Face Time, phone or in-person conference) within 24 hours of the observation
  • Written feedback will be submitted within 48 hours of the post-conference via CEHD Data Portal. 
  • The Intern will complete reflection questions within 2 business days of receipt via CEHD Data Portal system.
  • A copy of each observation and Intern reflection will be emailed to the supervising school administrator and Accelerate Online.