Program Fees

All fees are non-refundable.

  • $  150.00    Application Fee: includes cost of a background check of criminal activity
  • $    55.00    Technology Fee: payable through program to Texas Education Agency
  • $5100.00    Program Fee*: Payable in 12 monthly installments of $425/month, beginning at Program Orientation
*for Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources 6-12 candidates only: an additional supervision fee will be charged

State of Texas Fees

Paid directly to state entities and subject to change without notice.

  • $131.00    TExES Content Exam
  • $131.00    TExES Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities Exam
  • $104.00    Probationary Certification (includes fingerprinting fee)
  • $  77.00    Standard Certification

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