Why do I have to take a Pre-Admission Content Test (PACT) exam?

All Texas teachers are required to show profiency in their certification subject. For those who are getting their certification through an alternative certification program, such as Accelerate Online, this is accomplished through a state-approved PACT exam administered through Pearson


Is the Pre-Admission Content Test (PACT) the same as the TExES content exam?

Yes, they are actually the same exact test! Only the name is different based on when you are enrolled into a certification program.

  • If you are not already enrolled in a certification program, it's referred to as PACT, and you don't need program approval to take the test. You can sign up for it on your own.
  • If you are already enrolled in a certification program, it's called TExES, and you'll need a program's approval to take the test.

When you register for a content test, it will show up as TExES on the Pearson website, regardless of whether you're enrolled in a program or not.


I don't have a degree in education. How will I prepare for the classroom?

Online Coursework

  • From classroom managment and lesson planning to setting up your classroom, our online courses are designed to prepare you for your classroom and for your students. Access to courses is given at the Program Orientation, and all lessons and assignments must be completed prior to beginning a teaching assignment.

Field-Based Experience (FBE)

  • Texas is a big state, so you get to make arrangements for an FBE in a school district based on your location and choice, in the area of certification that you are pursuing.

  • During the 40 hour Field-Based Experience, you will observe real teachers teaching real students in a real school setting, and you will begin to build your vision of how you will structure your own classroom.


What is involved in the Internship?


  • You can apply, interview, and accept a teaching position in any secondary Texas public, charter, or approved private school. You will receive the same pay and benefits of any first year teacher because you are a first year teacher!
  • Please note that admission to Accelerate Online does not guarantee employment; the hiring decision ultimately lies with school districts/campuses.  


  • Support for any new teacher is critical, and during the school year, you will be assigned a Campus Mentor Teacher and University Supervisor.  Both will provide on-going guidance; the University Supervisor will also conduct classroom observations and provide feedback a minimum of five times throughout the year. 

Reflection Assignments

  • Throughout the school year, you will complete assignments that require you to reflect on your progress, needs and goals.


What certifications will I receive and when? 

  • When hired by a district/school, you will apply to the Texas Education Agency for a Probationary or Intern certificate in your content area This certificate allows you allows to teach for one year prior to being recommended for Standard Certification.
  • Upon successful completion of your first year of teaching, you will be recommended to the Texas Education Agency for Standard Certification in your content area.  
  • Successful completion means that you
    • met all listed program requirements,
    • paid all program fees,
    • received a recommendation from the University Supervisor,
    • and passed all state required testing.


What if I don't get a teaching job?

You can still work towards teacher certification! There are 2 options:

1. Complete an unpaid clinical teaching (formerly known as student teaching) in a Texas public school.

  • 14-week placement
  • Spring semester only, January-April
  • This is a one-time-only option for Accelerate Online participants.

2. Request an internship extension for up to one academic year for an additional fee of $700. If choosing an extension, Clinical Teaching will no longer  be an option.