How It Works

Changing the world is awesome... and we prefer to do it as future-teacher friendly as possible!


Here’s how the Accelerate Online Program works:

Step 1: Decide What You'd Like to Teach

Check out the middle & high school classes you can teach for each certification we offer.

Step 2: Submit an Interest Form.

There's no obligation when filling out an Interest Form. It just helps us to help you!

Step 3: Provide Your Transcript/s or UIN 

We'll confirm your GPA and make recommendations as to which certification you might be best suited to pursue.

  • If you did not attend Texas A&M University, mail official transcript/s to: Accelerate Online, 4232 TAMU, College Station, TX 77843-4232 or have them emailed to  
  • Are you a current or former TAMU-College Station Aggie? Email your UIN to

Step 4: Take the Pre-Admission Content Test (PACT)

Every Texas teacher has to take a state content exam to show proficiency in their subject area.

Step 5: Apply & Interview for the Program

Check out our application deadlines & interview dates.

  • Submit a program application.
  • Interview (by phone or in-person) with program staff.

Step 6: Attend a Program Orientation

If accepted into the program, attend a mandatory Progam Orientation  so that you can access the learning materials that will get you started on your journey into a classroom.

Step 7: Prepare for the Classroom

We know that you already have the smarts in your content area; our program is designed to prepare you for the classroom. All preparation assignments must be completed prior to a candidate beginning a paid internship.

  • 40-hours of field-based experiences (in a district of your choice).
  • Online courses/assignments highlighting instructional strategies and classroom management.
  • Suggestions, tips, resources and information on how to interview and land that first job.

Step 8: Accept a Teaching Position (Paid Internship)

You can apply & interview for teaching positions, and if offered a position, be hired as a teacher at any secondary Texas public, charter, or approved private school for one school year under a probationary or intern certificate.

  • You'll receive the same pay, benefits, duties, and responsibilities as any 1st year teacher.
  • You'll receive support throughout the school year by a campus Mentor Teacher, Administrator, and a University Supervisor assigned by Accelerate Online.

Step 9: Become a Standard Certified Texas Teacher!

  • You'll be recommended at the end of your 1st year of teaching.
  • All program and state requirements must be successfully completed.