Pre-Admission Content Test (PACT)

  • A passing score on a state-approved Pre-Admission Content Test (PACT) is required before applying and being admitted into Accelerate Online.

  • The PACT exam will be listed as a TExES exam. For example, Mathematics 7-12 will be listed as TExES Mathematics 7-12.

  • Texas educator candidates use Pearson as their testing vendor. 


Steps to PACT Preparation & Registration

Step 1: Prepare for Your Content Exam


Step 2: Check Test Dates & Score Reporting Dates

  1. Review the upcoming test and score dates for your exam (click on the orange button next to TExES).

Step 3: Create Your Pearson Testing Account

  1. DO NOT use an email address that is associated with a college/university as your Username.
  2. When asked DO YOU ALREAY HAVE A TEA ID NUMBER, answer NO and enter your personal information as requested by the system.

  3. Register with the name that exactly matches ID documents you'll use on the day of the test!
  4. Create your account.

Step 4: Register for a PACT Exam

  1. Before you register, check the seat availability at locations/dates/times convenient for you.
  2. Register for a PACT exam.

Step 5: Take the PACT Exam

Take BOTH a primary and a secondary ID to the testing site.

  • Primary ID-  government issued with your name, photo, and signature. 
  • Secondary ID- must have a name and signature. Options include a debit card, social security card, or any form of identification that you have signed.

Step 6: Once You've Passed the PACT...

  1. Email a copy of the passing score report to Accelerate Online at
  2. You will be contacted with next steps for program admission!